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At Ucon Acrobatics we hold the strong belief that knowing the story of a crafted product gives it life and soul, and in turn, adds a whole new level of value. We work with carefully selected suppliers that we are constantly developing, assessing and expanding to meet our high standards. A crucial criterion in the selection of those long-term partners is the willingness and ability to develop with us as a brand in order to meet the requirements of tomorrow.

Our knowledge comes from over 17 years of manufacturing the highest quality products and during this time we have relentlessly strived for progression.This is visible throughout Ucon Acrobatics, from our experienced craftsmanship to perfection in performance manufacturing. Ucon Acrobatics products get produced in Quanzhou, one of the largest cluster in the chinese backpack industry. There we found professional partners with long term experience such as our main supplier who has been in operation since 1998.

Well trained quality control officers oversee our production to ensure that our high expectations in terms of premium quality products are met. In addition one of our founders is visiting the factory personally as often as possible to audit our operations. More than nine months spent on site just in the last two years, maintains our strong relationship to our partners.

At the end of the day we want to feel proud to sell our bags & backpacks to a whole new generation of creative consumers. We’ve learnt about the souls who sew products, stitch labels and pack boxes. The people matter to us because they bring our products to life. Like every good relationship, ours are built on trust. We learn together, we grow together, we thrive together. This is more than any nice looking certificate can do!

We care.
Ucon Acrobatics