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About Us

Sustainable Entrepreneurship

About Us

Sustainable Entrepreneuership

Social inequality and the mindless destruction of our planet should be a thing of the past. In order to make everyone finally realize that and change their thinking, it is on us to lead by example.
Our durable, timeless designs for urban nomads are the result of environmentally friendly and social decisions as well as passion and creativity. With this mindset we create high quality bags and backpacks every year, while trying to convince our customers that less (but better) is more. Smart investments and transparency help us on this mission so that we can change something in this industry and prove that we are ready – for change and a better future.

Better together

We want to create the best product possible without causing any unnecessary damage. For this plan to work and for us to be able to inspire and implement environmental solutions, we work with carefully selected associations and partners. With their help we make our business more social, accountable and transparent. We are also thankful to you, since you support a variety of good causes with the purchase of our products.


Animals are not expendable and must not suffer for our products. With more than 6.5 million members worldwide PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) gives animals a voice. With PETA we have the right partner at our side to both guarantee our high standards and to spread awareness about animal rights. We have met all the conditions to be an official partner of PETA and are extremely proud of this.

My Climate

Together with the Swiss non-profit organization My Climate, Ucon Acrobatics works toward protecting the climate. These experts help us to understand the impact of our actions so that we can make the right decisions; for us, for you, for our world. We share information, measure impacts and calculate our CO2 balance at company level (our Corporate Carbon Footprint) – an essential component of corporate climate protection.
However, everyday actions can bring change too:
  • Our design studio in Berlin runs on eco-power from the energy cooperative "Bürgerwerke"
  • Every team member comes to office by bike or on foot. We live a vegetarian lifestyle.
  • All relevant greenhouse gas emissions are recorded, calculated and reported in our company’s CO2 balance, i.e. emissions from purchased energy such as electricity and district heating, as well as indirect emissions, e.g. from business trips and material usage.
  • Every team member comes to office by bike or on foot. We live a vegetarian lifestyle.
We also support projects like the Clean Drinking Water project for schools and households in Uganda. At Ucon Acrobatics, we commit to reducing the amount of CO2 emissions created during the production of our goods. That means you carry a climate-neutral backpack on your back. Or a bag in your hand. Depends.

Save the Children

Every child has the right to a future – no matter what circumstances they are born into. Together with the children’s rights organization Save the Children we work towards that goal by supporting various projects. We have also made an individual and sustainable impact by donating backpacks to German kids in need – you should have seen their smiles. And ours.


Talented artists have always played a vital role in our company philosophy and since we love what they do, we have already worked with the likes of Haw-lin, HelloMe or Deutsche & Japaner. Our latest project is called MOTIF, a charity collaboration project with the world’s leading design studios.
The first collaboration was curated by Tobias Faisst in summer 2018 with the products presented during the Berlin Fashion Week at the Galerie ZWEIDREI RAUM in Berlin-Kreuzberg. The backpacks were then auctioned online with all proceeds donated to Streem magazine, a contemporary art, design and street magazine supporting the homeless in Berlin.

Sustainability Report

Want to know more about Ucon Acrobatic’s sustainable entrepreneurship? Simply download our sustainability report and enjoy it with a delicious cup of coffee.
Ucon Acrobatics - Sustainability Report 2019 (Pdf, english, 4.8mb)
Ucon Acrobatics - Nachhaltigkeitsbericht 2019 (Pdf, german, 4.8mb)